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So yesterday afternoon Callie was playing with her toys in the living room, as usual,and got her hands on her favorite baby doll. She proceeded to strangle/kiss it to death and practiced her standing and squatting in the middle of the floor while holding her toy. She's gotten extremely proficient at bending down, standing up with no help, all that good stuff but hadn't yet walked, and we've been anticipating it for weeks.

I don't think she realized she was doing it, but in the midst of vigorously assaulting her babydoll and gobbing all over its face she took three waddle steps forward, presumably to get better leverage. Then she bent over, set the baby down, and sat back down to play with it more on the floor. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, there was no shakiness, no fall at the end, she just *step* *step* *stepped* and very purposefully sat back down, like she's been doing it for months.

But would she do it again that day? Of COURSE not! Would she do it for her daddy? Nope. This confirms my suspicions that she can indeed walk perfectly well and just hasn't gotten brave enough to do it. Just like she can climb onto the fireplace mantle and the first day got herself back down several times, but then she clunked her head and hasn't gotten back down since. She'll climb back up there and sit for an HOUR playing with my spinning wheel, whining, but not sliding back down. She's perfectly capable but just not brave enough to try again yet. I am sure she'll get over it fairly soon, but it amuses me that she CHOOSES what she's going to do and not necessarily based on her abilities.

Silly girl.

taryl | General | 8 May, 6:56pm
Lisa, <E-Mail> / 8 May, 9:35pm  

For what it's worth, the only one of mine who walked at 12 months was Kevin; Daisy and Lilah both walked at around 14 months, and Joey and Annabelle both didn't walk until 15+ months. And, yeah, you'll find that they'll take a few steps one day and then not again for a while . . . sometimes it takes weeks after those very first steps before they become bona fide walkers. Sounds to me like Callie is right on target :)

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Taryl, <> / 9 May, 8:16am  

I know, the birth boards skew my percpetion on these things somewhat because it seems like EVERYONE'S kids are advanced except mine, but realistically have that many babies around amplifies everything by sheer quantity. She's happy, healthy, smart and seems to survive any amount of my bad parenting ;)

And I am in NO hurry for her to walk TOO much, then I'll never catch up! I have yet to see a healthy, normal adult unable to wipe themselves or walk around, so I figure she HAS to pick it up somewhere along the line!!!

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katie, <E-Mail> / 16 May, 4:26am  

Oh wow!! Callie is getting so big, eating with a spoon and oh my that hair!! How adorable, I see she has some of her mom's curl. Very cute. I'll have to remember the goldfish barrette trick.

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