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As noted in her sister's blog, it has not been a good time for the girls.

Callie has been fussy for several days, and it was hard to tell if it was because of Lilah, teething, or something else. Yesterday she refused to eat pretty much anything but smoothies and bottles, and would bat our hands away with ANY food. She wouldn't even mooch off our plates. She felt quite hot so I brought out the thermometer and she was running a high fever right around 103. She was also drooling a ton, so we still don't know if it's teething related or she's teething AND fighting an infection. We've been fortunate that she hasn't been ill with a high fever yet in her life, just a cold or two and a stomach bug. The fever reducers got her temperature temporarily down to 101, and we administered as we could. But even with those and a bottle she fussed, tossed, turned, and cried ALL NIGHT. She never fell into any deep sleep as far as we could tell, she was just miserable. By the middle of the night she was crying in her sleep, she wouldn't even wake up all the way to fuss.

This morning her temperature was still fairly high and fluctuating so we've been keeping up on alternating Tylenol and Motrin, but that's all we can do. Today she ate a *little*, but nothing we tried to feed her. She wouldn't eat ANYTHING even remotely resembling a puree or even the casserole Peter and I were eating, but for lunch she ate peas and cheese easily. At dinner all she'd touch was rice and she wasn't showing much interest in large amounts of food. So I am perplexed. It could be her teeth, especially since she keeps pawing at them, but her appetite is just not there.

Either way, hopefully she'll feel better soon.

taryl | General | 31 July, 3:41am
katie, <E-Mail> / 1 August, 7:09pm  

What a bummer. Is she feeling better now? How are you recovering Taryl?

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Taryl, <> / 3 August, 9:18am  

I just updated another post about Callie :)

As for me, I am recovering fairly well. I tore badly because Lilah had a nuchal hand so while I got her head out without a SINGLE tear having that fist up by her shoulders gave me a nice third degree tear to heal from, and it's been quite the opposite of fun. The pain has subsided but it still feels like everything is just bulging really uncomfortably and swollen - my entire pelvic floor feels a bit weak so I am thinking lots of kegels are in my future.

I'll be updating MY blog soon with her full birth story and my post partum progress but as of right now we're really doing great. I'm already 18 pounds under my prepregnancy weight - I gained next to nothing and apparently LOST a ton in the second and third trimester! Breastfeeding is going pretty well but Lilah sleeps so long at night it's not doing wonders for my supply (which is iffy to begin with, just like it was with Callie). I don't want to wake her to feed her and she cluster feeds every hour or two during the day when she's awake so SHE'S getting enough, I just hope it's enough to keep my supply up overall without adding in night feedings.

We'll see.

As I am typing this you two are in Anchorage. We're trying to find your cell number to give you a call and see if we can get together for an hour or two while you're here and I hope to tell you ALL about this (and meet Hannah for the first time!) in person. But if I miss you I'll be typing up more about this later :)

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