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Well, we had a good doctor's appointment Friday with a new pediatrician, MUCH preferred to the old one. Callie got some shots, which she was NOT happy about, but she grew, which we ARE happy about. She is now 28 inches long and 19 lbs, almost on the dot, which puts her smack dab in the middle of the growth curve for her age, as opposed to being on the small side.

She's pulling up on everything, and getting some bumps along the way, but she is getting VERY mobile which means lots of running around for mommy and daddy. Teething like crazy but no new teeth to report yet, and sadly she still has a little cough from California.

Pictures have been updated, we'll report in with more updates as they come!

taryl | General | 10 February, 6:43am
katie jo, <E-Mail> / 24 February, 4:23am  

ooh ooh! Hannah just got her first tooth.

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peter, <E-Mail> / 26 February, 3:30am  

I tried to find a post about Hannah's tooth on, but it seemed to be missing... :P

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Taryl, <> / 6 March, 10:13am  

Yes, nobody can complain *I* don't update frequently! Our kid has pictures online beyond birth to two months ;)

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