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Or so we tell ourselves.

Callie went from no teeth to three in the space of a week. Which might explain her severe bout of unexplained diaper rash and general fussiness.

Except that she's still fussy.

It seems a lot of babies I know around her age are going through unusual sleep problems, but it's getting old VERY fast. She's exhausted, and we're laying her down to bed like we always do (plus some Tylenol if her teeth are REALLY bothering her) but now she is fussing in various levels for upwards of two hours. Tonight alone she is near three and shows no signs of abating.

She will *almost* doze off and then BAM! Wide awake and mad again. I don't know what else to attribute it to.

Granted, her mobility has improved quite a lot in recent weeks and so being fussy AND being able to crawl around her crib isn't helping things much either. One way or the other though we NEED her to sleep. It is getting ridiculous.

And of course going down to California in a week isn't going to help the sleeping matter much. *sigh* We'll just do what we can. Having a plane ride that STARTS at 1:00 a.m. is not going to be an auspicious beginning to the 'vacation', but Lord willing it won't be too traumatizing for us poor parents.

All fussiness aside, she is as cute as ever and very healthy. New pictures are posted (reluctantly) showing her teeth, and all in all things are going quite well for us. It just stinks that she slept well for SO LONG and now is having problems again. Hopefully it truly is just a stage and we will get our cute (relatively non-monster) baby back soon. Ha.

taryl | General | 31 December, 7:55am
peter, <E-Mail> / 31 December, 2:05pm  

Does this face hate us?

Yes, yes she does.

What Taryl failed to mention is that the teeth first made their appearance on 2007, December 22. I last got 8 hours of uninterupted sleep 2007, April 3? Something like that...

Note the two teeth poking through the bottom gums...

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Taryl, <> / 31 December, 8:25pm  

Oh bitch and moan, why don't you?! You have DEFINITELY had nights of easily 9 hours sleep. Like, um, MOST saturdays. Drama queen.

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katie jo, <E-Mail> / 2 January, 9:13pm  

Does she perhaps have a fourth tooth coming in? I hope she gets less fussy soon... I'm dreading this "phase"... On the bright side, Happy New Year!

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