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So Callie has officially not breastfed in a week. We are weaned, and pretty well too! She's eating a ton, looking good, the soy formula agrees with her MUCH more than the cow's milk formula, reinforcing our thoughts right after birth that she was mild to moderately lactose intolerant.

She's guzzling about 8 ounces per sitting, 4 times per day (averaged out, that is!)

Now, for the problem. Breastfed diapers have a smell, but it isn't offensive. Cow's milk diapers have a mildly offensive smell, but it's doable.

Soy formula diapers? I haven't dry-heaved so much in WEEKS! Seriously, these are the nastiest, smelliest, most offensive and cruel punishment I have endured since prodromal labor. Oh my GOD it is awful! I literally have to breathe through my mouth or pass out and I have NEVER been like that before with bad smells.

This is... the smell to end all sense of smell. I could sell these to China for a very literal 'dirty bomb'.

Even CALLIE is afraid to sit in them too long, because the scent wafts up her onesie. And her entire life she's never really noticed if she is sitting in poop unless she has diaper rash (like from Cow's milk formula).

I am honestly afraid I might just die trying to change one of her diapers. Or at least pass out in a pool of vomit. Appetizing, I know. I am sure you will all enjoy them *just* as much as we do when we travel down to California. Assuming the radiant fragrance doesn't do us in first!

taryl | General | 4 December, 9:27pm
katie jo, <E-Mail> / 6 December, 7:16am  

Well, let me just say that I am thrilled that Callie is eating so well and that soy formula agrees with her. However, sounds like you need to use some sort of nostril clip, nose clip or something. I have this vision of you with a clothespin on your nose. Too bad that it wouldn't really fit well. Makes me so thankful that Hannah is not sensitive to dairy.

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Heather Allen, <E-Mail> / 12 December, 2:42am  

I dealt with soy formula poo with Jaden for 7 months! And with Mara for maybe a month. It is lovely and tar like, ick! Good thing that it is easy to get off cloth diapers (just turn over and let it fall into the toliet) so they are easy to wash!

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