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So things have been CRAZY this past week and a half or so. We closed on our new house, which is great! Thing is, flooring and painting plus a million little details need to be worked out before we can truly settle, so we're still mostly in boxes until we at least get the family room livable this next weekend. Callie has been quite a busy baby indeed, while her parents got to loaf around and sleep ;)

Callie has grown in leaps and bounds over the past two weeks. She went from kind of a spud that needed a lot of rocking and carrying to much more self-sufficient. She will play in her bouncer or on her playmat alone for a good half hour, longer if I keep a running dialogue going (which everyone who knows me understands isn't hard, I specialize in one-sided conversing!) I think she thinks her toys are talking back, so she doesn't get mad and scream at their unresponsiveness as quickly as she used to!

She's started kicking and grabbing at things a lot more, like toys, mommy's hair and daddy's goatee, the phone, etc etc. Consequently, when she is hungry and I'm just not fast enough she has learned how to punch at the milk bar rather impatiently. It beats pinching, I suppose.

She seems to undergo her biggest developmental leaps when we're barely looking. For example, we were hauling nearly everything we could shove into a U-Haul from the storage unit and she was fussing the entire time. When I finally went over to her to deal with her, she fussed, then look up at me, smiled, and then broke out into her first real laugh. I have absolutely no idea what was so amusing, probably that she has two normally (insane) autonomous adults at her beck and call, but she really let one out. It was SOOOO cute! Peter was able to get a repeat performance by tossing her up in the air. Not the safest activity, but as with all kids when it gets a danger label the fun increases exponentially.

Though she hates it passionately and screams her head off, we finally reverted back to swaddling. She *likes* having her limbs free, but isn't all that good at them yet and thus wakes herself up, knocks out her pacifier every three seconds, jabs herself in the eye etc etc. So Peter finally got fed up and straightjacketed her with her blanket, and wouldn't you know, after ten minutes of HOWLING she fell asleep.

And stayed asleep.

For EIGHT hours!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

Making sure it was not a fluke, we did it again the next night, and I made sure to not just let her fall asleep when she was sleepy but pick her up out of her toys, swaddle and lay her down in a dark room, and make naptime very official (I know, I know, I should have done it all along but until about a month ago parenting was more preventative than proactive). And she slept, and slept, and slept. She is nor regularly going 7-10 hours at night without a feed or one very brief one around 5:00 am when daddy wakes up. And she naps every two hours or so for about an hour or two..... IT'S GREAT! She seems happier (probably because now we finally have a good routine down, being settled in our own home again) and Peter and I hadn't realized how unrested we were until we actually got uninterrupted rest. It's just not the same in three hour increments.

So now we have a player, a giggler, (a pooper and spitter) and a sleeper! This isn't so bad afterall :)

.... Or perhaps I just jinxed us terribly :(

PS: Forgive me anyone who I owe letters (Grandma, I'm looking at you), phonecalls, or any other such updates and correspondence. We now finally have phone and internet hooked up but we're so busy around here time is sparse at best. I have NOT forgotten you and neither has Peter, life has just intervened. Look forward to hearing from us shortly but in the meantime we will attempt to keep this website as updated as possible.

taryl | General | 25 June, 9:32pm
Beth, <> / 29 June, 2:30am  

Woohoo! I'm so glad you three (plus the critters) are in your new home, and are getting some rest finally! It sounds like Callie has learned her dad's skill of sleeping like a rock through just about anything. And I'm sure Grandpa Giessel would be happy to teach her the fine art of Sunday afternoon napping. :)

Ok, no pressure, 'cos I know you're moving and flooring and painting...but we're gonna need more cute pics soon! :)

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