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Callie weighed in this week at nine pounds fourteen ounces, and is looking very healthy and right on track. She has started babbling a lot more and crying less (with the exception of a long fussy period before bedtime). She's sleeping through the night, most nights, from around 11pm to 5am. Needless to say we're rather excited about that development.

And Callie can kiss this place goodbye because we sold! It's almost time for her first big trip and I think she'll do great.

- - -

Mommy feels like her c-section never even happened, it is healing extremely well, and the entire family is looking forward to the long summer ahead.

- - -

Today the DOT Bridge section threw Callie another baby shower (basically an excuse for a party) and gave her some lovely toys and clothes. A special thank you to Pooh Bear and Wilma for the beautiful handmade quilt that we received. It is the PERFECT color scheme and matches what I wanted to do for Callie's nursery almost exactly. She is one lucky little girl, and we're lucky to have her.

Thanks DOT! It was a very nice afternoon and we appreciate all your thoughts and support.

taryl | General | 5 May, 1:30am
Jessica Herman, <E-Mail> / 8 May, 2:58am  

You're very lucky that she sleeps at night, because when we got baby Louis he slept all day and cried all night. D:

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