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So, Callie is now Typhoid Mary... Taryl and I got sick on Wednesday and were sick most of Thursday. Callie showed no signs of sickness, so we thought it was food poisoning or something. Callie went over to the Grandparents, and now they are sick, so we have to conclude that we have a Typhoid Callie on our hands spreading a very nasty stomach bug... So, who wants to visit the grandchild? :)

peter | General | 24 November, 8:01pm
katie jo, <E-Mail> / 27 November, 4:11am  

Bummer! I got a really nasty cold this weekend. However, I would totally choose that over what you guys had. Hope your feeling better.

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peter, <E-Mail> / 4 December, 1:21am  

Oh, it went away with in 24-48 hours, but that was an un-fun 24-48 hours.

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