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So Callie endured 20 hours of travel on thursday, as we all packed up and headed to Grand Rapids, Michigan for Peter's old roommates' wedding. We all got up at 3:30 am and headed to Anchorage International Airport for our 6:00 flight out. Callie did very well and slept or dozed on and off the entire flight to Seattle. She woke up and fussed a little once we got there, but was definitely manageable as we shuffled through the port.

However we then received bad news - Chicago was experiencing horrible windstorms, thumderstorms, and had a tornado warning enacted, so our plane was delayed nearly three hours! It was not, suffice to say, the best news we could have gotten. Still, we waited and walked the Princess around to keep her calm, got a few good pictures of her doing various things around the airport, and finally got boarded to Chicago around 3:00 pacific time.

The flight to Chicago was around 4 hours and Callie slept THE ENTIRE TIME! The lady in front of us was shocked to see we had a baby, she had no idea until we landed and Callie started cooing at the seat in front of us. By the way, O'hare is the worst layout of any airport we've ever been in. It is HORRID!

We left the airport at 10:30 central time and headed to the car rental place, grabbed a vehicle and were on the road to Grand Rapids by 11:30 or so. It was a LOOONG night, and by 4:30 we were checked into our (very lovely) hotel here in Michigan. Callie held up very well and allowed us to go to sleep when we were ready, rather than fussing for an hour, and we all got up at 2:30 this afternoon to continue our day.

Peter took Callie and me to Calvin College, his alma mater, to see the campus and say hi to a professor or two, we went shopping, had dinner, and settled in for a relaxing evening which daddy fully deserves. Tomorrow is lunch with Adam Glon (Pete's old roommate) and Ted's wedding (Pete's other old roommate) plus a drive out to see Great Grandma Giessel to conclude the day. Pictures and updates, as always, will be forthcoming!

taryl | General | 9 June, 4:33am

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