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Sorry about the lack of updates, we've been pretty busy and not had much time to grab the camera or blog.

Callie has started babbling and giggling CONSTANTLY (especially when she is avoiding naps) and just learned how to blow raspberries and spit bubbles proficiently. It's cute until you realize that she drools like a Saint Bernard anyway and all her shirts (plus ours) end up drenched.

If we let her hold our hands she can stay standing (with some wobbling) for a good few minutes. If we can get her to stay on her tummy for more than one minute without screaming, she can hold her head up and lift her chest completely for several minutes before getting tired.

AAAAND yesterday we finally got her to roll over again, from her belly to her back. She did it twice with me and once with Peter home. We can't leave her on ANY surface at all now, because the minute she hits her back she is arching and squirming every which way, and rolling onto her sides with regularity. It is overcoming her arm that stops her from rolling all the way.

Let's see, no other real developments. We're still finishing the house and rather behind on that as Peter has been working long hours to keep up with project deadlines. And we still haven't found a suitable church though the one we went to last week shows promise. So, as always, life goes on and Callie keeps growing. We will try to be better about updates :)

taryl | General | 1 August, 1:29am
peter, <E-Mail> / 8 August, 9:09pm  

"...we still haven't found a suitable church though the one we went to last week shows promise..."

The one WE went to? What is this WE you are talking about. This is two weeks in a row I have gone without you. You've stayed home and smeared your chicken blood into a pentagram.

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