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So, under pediatrician-induced duress, we started Callie on solids.



She likes them, now. She hated them at first. Her FAVORITE is... gag me... prune juice with rice cereal. Yeah. And she likes slighted salted avocados, watered down with aforementioned rice cereal added. Mmm mm good?

Um, sure kiddo, if you say so.

And the one thing she SHOULD like, bananas, she hates. Like, sad face, grimace, spit out, cry and scream until she gets her prunes.


And alas, my little one is growing up SO fast. She is five months old with some change. And she's *almost* crawling, and babbling away, tossing toys to watch us go fetch, drooling all down her front, back, top of her head... she can basically stand, with much wiggling, and is getting stronger everyday. We have weaned her off her swaddling with good results, so with the exception of a crib she is even sleeping like a big girl.

I am VERY happy to see how she has progressed and grown, and am amazed I haven't irrevocably screwed her up for life yet. 5 months down, 211 months to go.

taryl | General | 16 September, 9:10am

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