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... the evening after we head to the pediatrician her fever breaks on its own. It turns out it was something viral that was causing her throat to be quite sore among other things. It looked, visually, like strep but after a (rather traumatizing) swab it turned up negative for that. I do think we may have terrified her out of liking her doctor, though! She continued to be mildly feverish for an additional day or two but NOTHING like it had been - she was so hot her HANDS felt feverish, not just her head!

Unfortunately she continues to not eat well, residual from her sore throat, we think. Last night was the first time she ate a decent dinner in 5 days or so, and this morning she was eating even better but still not 100%. Either way it wasn't an ear infection or something worse and as miserable as she's been it's over now with only time and IBuprofen to help. She's been sleeping better too, with medication last night she slept from 9:00 or so to almost noon, and she only woke up because I went in there to wake her, she'd have probably slept longer otherwise.

I just wanted to update everyone who was concerned for her - she's not completely better but we're out of the woods. Her sister is doing quite well too, so overall we're a happy household. Good night!

taryl | General | 3 August, 9:11am
katie, <E-Mail> / 20 August, 6:44am  

Hopefully you still have a healthy household. Hannah's had a cold this past week, but is better now. I see in your new photos that Callie and Hannah read the phone book the same way. Well, except Hannah doesn't lay on the floor to read.

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