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Wow, we didn't update at all in November. There was so much fun stuff too. Like the day that Callie pooped during her nap, removed her clothes, removed her diaper and started playing with the poo.... Mr. Hankie the Thanksgiving poo, we love him and he loves you, even if he is a poo....

Anyway, yesterday once we got home, Taryl decided to drink the coolaid. Grape coolaid to be precise. She gave Callie a sip and Callie's sippy cup full of water went over her shoulder and she started begging for more of that grape stuff. I took Callie's sippy cup and filled it with the grape drink and tried to give it to her. She thought it was still full of water, so she got all mad, wouldn't drink it, kept pushing it away, etc. I stuck it in her mouth and she finally accidentally took a sip. It was hilarious. She went to recoil away and kept trying to push it away for a second, then she realized what she had just tasted, and greedily grabbed hold of the cup.

peter | General | 8 December, 9:21pm

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