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Observe: new Callie pictures, ritz cracker, shredded wrapping paper and some old Gerber peaches not included.

taryl | General | 19 December, 8:43am
katie jo, <E-Mail> / 21 December, 4:37am  

So I'm guessing that it is because of the big mess that you have a clothless Callie and such a lovely new rug. Very cute! I imagine that come summer, and a solid food eating Hannah, she will be going with very little clothing as well. That and she really loves being naked.

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peter, <E-Mail> / 21 December, 9:36pm  

No, the real reason she is naked is because her bottom is flaming red from pooping so much, and we were trying to let some of the wounds stop seeping and scab over. Little fire pants had a flaming bottom.

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katie jo, <E-Mail> / 22 December, 8:31am  

ouch!! Poor thing. Way worse than pinkeye in my opinion. At least a flaming red bottom isn't contagious, or is it?

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