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Of course this would happen when Peter went out of town, but I had been suspicious she might have been ready for this.

Callie loves faucets, and flicking everything that comes out of them. Recently she began sticking her hand under the sink and sucking the water off her fingers.

So with some trepidation I tried something I had put off for a few months. I gave Callie her cup with a straw. And wouldn't you know it, she figured it out within a few minutes. Of course she tends to suck too hard, and because this one doesn't have a valve on it she ends up sputtering a little, but she's got it and likes it!

Yay for the big girl!

New pictures from Grandma Naeners and some adventure pictures posted. Callie likes her sunglasses too, that is, when she's not throwing them across the room.

taryl | General | 21 April, 4:30am

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