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Well after some feeding problems, lots of stress, and major diet changes Callie is now up to 17 pounds! She is still very much petite for her age (which is amusing, considering that she was abnormally LARGE when she was born) but is no longer on the cusp of being worrisome.

Sadly, I noticed a new trend last week - she's weaning :( I mean, I am actually quite glad about it because she thinks biting me is the funniest thing ever and has never been a good nurser, but the problem comes in that she won't really take the sippy cup as much as she should, yet. She only gets maybe two ounces at a given time right now and she needs WAY more liquids in her diet if she only breastfeeds twice a day as it currently stands. I was planning on gradually weaning her anyway over the next few months, but now that it is happening I am a little sad. She's growing up SO fast. She is eating her solids quite well still, and is even trying some finger food and table food now, but I am hesitant to do too much of that just yet in case she develops some sensitivities or even outright allergies to certain items.

She is sitting up (well, tripoding) much better now, and until she purposely topples over to grab another toy she can support herself for a few minutes at a time with no chair, and pretty consistently in her high chair. STILL not crawling, but she is REALLY trying, and starting to crawl on her elbows, army-style.

Daddy has been out of town a lot recently (including tonight) and we miss him very much. It is snowing now too, we've got five inches on the ground and will soon be adding more. Anchorage clocked a record 138 accidents in one day after the snow fell, nearly double the previous year's total. Needless to say the baby and I are NOT going out of the house much, except to church which is quite close by.

Thanks to daddy's hard work the dining room will be operational, complete with a real table and chairs, later this week. The kid's bedrooms only need new light fixtures and some baseboard, so that can be crossed off the list soon as well.

We pulled my old camera out of storage so once daddy brings it back from Valdez, we will clock some new Callie images. She is doing so much now it drives me crazy to not have a way to capture them, and the video camera has it in for me. I know if I touch it again it will probably explode (just to spite me).

We have NOT forgotten baby pictures! I PROMISE!

taryl | General | 13 November, 7:51am
katie jo, <E-Mail> / 15 November, 8:39pm  

I was weaned at about the same time. Glad to hear she's growing well. Bummer that it took her a while. Hannah is already filling out her 0-3 month clothes and starting to fit some of her 3-6. Exciting but scary at the same time. She's also hitting some other milestones and I really need to give you a call so we can chat. We're really missing you guys too.

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