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Well we have survived the last wave of guests with flying colors. Grandma and Grandpa Davidson (teehee!) came up for a very brief visit from the sweltering heat of California. Callie was excited to get new interactive spitup rags and Mommy and Daddy were excited to not have to be completely on hand 24/7 for the first time in ages. All around, a fun weekend.

Callie took her new toys up though Hatcher's Pass and Independence Mine, which was beautiful but windy. She even off-roaded with them on a trail that was about 1/2 a mile of vertical hiking, which SHE thought was fun and her chariots may have been less thrilled about. Callie was not a happy baby toward the end of the trek, due to missing naps, but all and all it worked out very well.

The next day Callie led the group out to Girdwood and McHugh creek to hike, but the wind once again felled all progress. So we headed up t FlatTop for the best views of Anchorage around and then had a barbecue with Grandma and Grandpa Giessel. They cooked us all yummy salmon and steak, and we had a very nice time of the evening, with mommy only marginally nervous and Callie making a fashionably late debut in the last hour, after having her well-deserved nap.

As with the last grandparent visit it was over way too soon, and Callie is looking forward to visiting everyone at Christmas *cough*presents*cough*.

Pictures taken (liberally and often) by Grandma Naeners will be posted shortly.

taryl | General | 7 September, 12:01am

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