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So, yesterday I was trying to feed Callie. She was having avocado, which she likes. She ate it all and started crying because she was still hungry, so we can't defrost avocado very quickly, so we mixed up some prune juice and rice cereal. We gave her a bite of it.

Now let me paint the picture for you. When Callie wants food, she opens her mouth. When she doesn't get food, she starts screaming. She had her bowl of food on the tray, along with her nonnie (passifier).

After the first bite of prune juice and rice cereal, I offered her another spoonful, but she kept her mouth shut. I said, "come on Callie, don't you want more food?" She looked at me, looked at the bowl, looked around a bit at the tray until she very clearly spotted her nonnie, she very clearly and deliberately reached out, grabbed the nonnie, and stuck it in her mouth. There was no klutzing aroudn with the nonnie, there was no fumbling, it was one very clean, very deliberate motion to grab that and stick it in her mouth. Taryl and I both just started cracking up and she started looking at us like, "what is so funny?" I said, "she's done". Taryl suggested pulling out the nonnie and trying another bite of food. I asked her how Callie could possibly be more clear that she wasn't having any more of that and that she was done.

peter | General | 23 September, 12:50am

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