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... we don't dress her in these outfits. She will hunt down any discarded clothing, hers or someone else's, and wear it around for an hour or two. She LOVES playing dress up already, which does not bode well for daddy's wallet.

Also for the record, it only LOOKS like all we feed her is chocolate and chocolate pudding. While we may be in the running for the Bad Parents of the Year award, it wouldn't be in the food category. But it does make a photogenically impressive mess, right up there with spaghetti (which we also don't feed her with as much frequency as this site would suggest).

We've had something like four molars in two weeks and she's STILL teething. Nothing major, but definitely pickier eating and general fussing, along with poor sleep. But popping that many big teeth that fast, I am actually impressed with how little she's whined. I didn't even realize the first two broke through until Peter pointed it out to me.

She's definitely getting bigger! Her time to surmount the stairs has been reduced to about two second. I will see her disappear around the corner and by the time I get my (very rotund) self over there she's laughing like a hyena at the top. While I am sure SHE enjoys the climb, I am not exactly in top StairMaster form of late!

Obviously new pictures are up, complete with cheeser smile and a toga.

taryl | General | 18 June, 7:48am
katie, <E-Mail> / 24 June, 4:06am  

Well, considering how many french fries Hannah ate on our recent vacation we might be in the running for the food category of Worse Parents of the year. What is she wearing for the toga, a giant pair of underwear? As for your question, "when are you going to have #2?", the answer is that it is up to God. Likely after Hannah is a year old.

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