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Callie is using her words (a bit). She babbles like crazy and there have been words in the babble for months, but barely discernible to anyone but her. Now she's starting to use words, specifically and alone, for the items or people they apply to. She will walk up to Lilah and try to say her name or call her the baby (and when Lilah's screaming Callie will actually find a pacifier and try to put it in her mouth!), and she'll ask for her pacifier specifically too. The other night we noticed, very obviously, that she said 'nana' and was looking at (and reaching for) her nani. She's done it multiple times so it's not a spoof. She will also say 'brush' for her hairbrush, though her 'r' kind of comes out a little funny still. And when she's in her high chair she'll ask for "chee" or actually say "cheese", or grab for the bag and say it as well.

She's said 'excuse me' and several other words too, and there's many things she says that I know she's trying to convey meaning in but they're still too garbled for me to understand.

She's not all that intelligible, sure, but she definitely responds back and forth to commands and understands what we say, and is FINALLY starting to say a few things back or proactively on her own.

Callie is also very interested in her sister, and she wants to play with her and touch her as much as I'll let her. She definitely is aware of Lilah but no jealousy... unless Callie's SUPER tired she doesn't seem very bothered by Lilah's screaming jags either, except that she occasionally joins in to 'get Lilah's point across' a little louder. Yeah, those are ear-ringing days.

Both galleries are updated a bit, more images to come.

taryl | General | 21 August, 7:08am

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