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We made the first part of the big move with only a few hiccups along the road. Callie slept most of the trip, though she got a little lonely in the back seat, and 2 days of driving later we made it to Anchorage.

Sadly, between the long move and the busy days of house hunting, trailer unloading, and general busyness around town Callie's schedule has gotten all thrown off, as we feared it might. She's now only sleeping in two to three hour stretches at night and fusses nearly all morning long, for reasons we can't quite pin down. She's a champ in the car and has been very patient as we pack her and unload her every half hour when on the road, but she's definitely making us pay for it in terms of sleep hours. Not helping the situation is the daylight hours of Anchorage this time of year. It never goes completely dark and at around midnight the sun is JUST setting enough that it seems like evening. It is nice to have so much light when one wants to DO things, but not the best for getting the biological clock set for bedtimes.

Peter began his new job at Reid-Middleton and within a day they sent him all the way out to Bethel to check out the rust on a structure out there. Coincidently that was also the day the inspection for the house we're looking at was set for, and miraculously he made it him several hours early on an earlier flight and got to go to the inspection.

The house our offer was accepted on is quite a nice property on the outskirts of the municipality of Anchorage, in an area called Eagle River. It's around 1700 sq. feet, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, with .25 acres of land to it. Not bad for under $300,000! It's in great shape and the inspection, which was extremely thorough (you know it's good when two civil/structural engineers are impressed with the guy), yielded no red flags of any sort. There's little fixes here and there, like servicing the furnace and caulking better around the windows, replacing some flooring and such... but nothing we won't be able to handle. All in all this is looking like our place! Now if only the house in Juneau would close...

I apologize for the lack of pictures from the move and of Callie in the past few weeks but things have been crazy and extremely stressful. We will do our best and if all else fails you'll get to see pictures of her helping us touch up the new house. And HOPEFULLY she'll remember that she does indeed know how to sleep through the night!

taryl | General | 24 May, 10:11pm

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