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Well we have been bad about updates, my apologies on that. The camera is still out of commission which is a shame, but we're making do.

No big news, lots of little news. Callie is eating two solid meals a day and can drink quite well from a sippy cup if she is laying down (she hasn't gotten the 'tip' motion down very well yet!) Her favorite foods seem to vary week by week, but right now the consistent favorite seems to be yogurt. She doesn't get it often, but she always inhales it when she does.

No actual crawling yet, but she is trying to rock and definitely pivots on her chest. She also barrel-rolls wherever she wants to go. No real talking, but the noises are getting more varied. Her new favorite is "Abuuuu". She basically blows a raspberry on the buuuu part, and it is very cute. We think she is trying to claim we abuse her, since she usually starts doing this when she is whining.

She is really liking the nursery at church and apparently is a total angel when there, even after a few hours. She likes watching the other older babies play and enjoys all the noise, I think. Everyone loves her (especially the pastor, now that he won't be having anymore little ones).

The DOWNSIDE of the nursery, obviously, is illness. I was helping last Sunday and noticed three babies with various levels of sniffling and green snot bubbles. And sure enough, Callie now has a stuffy nose that is keeping her from sleeping and is dribbling down her lip. She's pretty miserable, and since the FDA doesn't trust us to properly dose our own kids and is trying to ban kid's cold and cough medicine, we just have to wait it out.

We're making headway on the home renovations, finally. Thanks to some babysitting by Grandma and Grandpa Giessel we now have the tile and plumbing in the laundry room, and all the tile is sealed as of last night. So tonight we will get a LEAST the washer and dryer hooked back up (THANK YOU LORD!) and possibly the sink in as well if daddy gets the right Y threads. Slowly, but surely, things are getting put together. Now that the tile is done the rest of the wood can go in, we can tear up the carpet on the stairs, actually get a dining room table in here. It's working out very well, and daddy is doing a VERY good job.

With the exception of illness she is sleeping very well most nights, in her own room. She has also gained a LOT of weight because of the solids. We will know for sure in a few weeks but I believe she has gone up some percentiles for her size which is a good thing. All in all, things are going well for all of us.

With any luck we will get the camera fixed soon. Mommy has a cruddy old HP that will work in the meantime, so we will try to get SOME images up, but no promises!

taryl | General | 31 October, 10:06pm

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