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This past Sunday Callie and I got the star treatment by our wonderful friends at church with a lovely baby shower. It was hosted by Jenny McElwain, at her (amazingly) clean home. I swear, for having a toddler and a 6 month old that woman is sickeningly organized :)

Katie and April provided the games and organization for which I am extremely grateful, and though she was sick and couldn't stay BethAnna still managed to drop off a delicious carrot cake.

Callie got lots of cute clothes and toys, and was an absolute angel for the three hours we were there. Everyone passed her around and all she did was sleep and look around the room. She has this amazing capacity to scream her cute little head off at home and remain completely silent in public. The baby shower was right after church and she made it through BOTH events perfectly behaved! Just a feed and change in between.

It was very nice to see all the girls one more time before we left town - I wanted them all to meet Callie before we whisked her away, as a good half of the attendees knew Peter from WAY back in his single bachelor days, pre-mommy and baby. They commented how glad they were to see him find exactly what he needed - and EVERYONE thinks it's cute how he fawns over his daughter. She's got daddy wrapped already.

She won't remember everyone if we drop back into Juneau for a visit, but we felt it was important that they met her. I really appreciate the time and effort everyone put into that afternoon, and we will miss them all.

taryl | General | 5 May, 1:20am
Peter, <E-Mail> / 5 May, 7:06pm  

> She's got daddy wrapped already.

She does not. Look at this picture. Does this look wrapped to you? See, totally not wrapped.

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