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Pictures have once again been updated, as Callie is finishing her second month of life. There's some particularly good ones of her smiling that should please grandparents and other sundry visitors.

Today mommy got a new(ish) car to tide her over for a year or so and for the first time Callie and mommy went out alone. Let me say it was a frazzling experience. I don't think my brain is so used to multitasking trips like that ("Do I have the diaper bag, is the car locked, where is her pacifier, oh no she's giving me the hungry-face!"). While mommy floundered a bit Callie took it like a champ. We were out for around five hours and she fussed maybe a total of three minutes, two of which were in the car. These errands included Toys 'r Us to buy a new (wonderful, lightweight, and cheap) stroller, Costco (which is a zoo at any given time) and THE DMV!!!! The last stop was arguably the most taxing - a hundred people mulling around loudly, long waits, and annoying automated voices. And yet, with some carefully executed stroller-rolling Callie barely stirred. And she was cooed over by a good three dozen people, from scary homeless men to other moms. Apparently we have a beautiful, quiet baby (I could have told them that!)

She was great, and didn't even ask to be fed while we were out (due to some judicious timing on my part, I think!) Overall Callie is a very portable baby. We can camp with her, take her across international borders, househunt all day, and go to the absolute mess that is any DMV. She sometimes fusses a little later on because of overstimulation but overall she's a piece of cake.

Now, the only thing this trip out really got be thinking was "How in the heck can I manage outings with MULTIPLE children??? ONE who stayed PUT was tough enough!"

Siblings, it seems, may take a little more organizational skills than I currently have. But today Callie met another baby who was nearly her age (a few days difference) and she was all smiles and coos. Way to tug mommy's heartstrings! Makes me want to give her a playmate just to see that goofy toothless smile again. Who knows what will happen come Christmas time!

taryl | General | 31 May, 5:45am
peter, <E-Mail> / 31 May, 8:17pm  

She can househunt all day?

I seem to recall a large blowout and several demands to be fed over that "all day"... She is good, but even she couldn't handle that without some payback.

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