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As Taryl apparently won't write on the subject, Callie has started walking. Taryl says I should be more verbose, so what Callie does is she stands on her feet, then moves one foot at a time, and therefore propels herself without her hands touching any stabilizing items (such as a chair or the floor). Indeed, she often carries things in her hands. She can't seem to walk with confidence and often plops down after about 5 steps, but she is definitely walking.

This weekend I was using the Shop Vac to clean up some items, and Callie was very interested in that, so she watched intently. I moved the hose over to her, and she stuck her finger in the end, felt the suction and quickly withdrew her finger and scooted away. Taryl claims that she will be forever afraid of the vacuum now. I find this unlikely as it didn't do anything bad or painful to her.

New pictures are randomly posted from time to time, usually a couple of times a week (unlike some friend's sites which haven't been updated in months).

peter | General | 19 May, 8:16pm

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